24/7 Customized Concierge Aftercare

Recovery and Life Coaching

THE PARALLAX SOLUTION is ideal for individuals, families, and professionals interested in creating real changes in their lives. We shift and redirect a person’s awareness and behavior to produce better self- care, self-esteem and cement solid boundaries.


Through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy skills, our clients establish new outlooks and designs for living, rather than continue to do self-harm to themselves, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


Personal, professional and family experiences lead to the sum of The Parallax Solution. It is a dialectical and cognitive shift - or PARALLAX - in thoughts and action in HOW WE treat ourselves and the way we live. We help clients free themselves from the control of past events and trauma.


We customize each client's plan based on their medical, social, and professional histories to ensure the treatment is right for them. Ours’ is a multi-disciplined treatment plan for aftercare following rehab.


• We are a boutique concierge aftercare service which provides  experience, flexibility, and privacy.


• Are you court-ordered? We work closely with attorneys, courts, and judges who know the level of clinical care our distinguished aftercare treatment team provides.


• Alcohol monitoring, illegal substances treatment monitoring, prescription drug and marijuana monitoring, pain-management aftercare, as well as dual-diagnosis reports prepared for custody agreements, licensure issues, business agreements, attorney and other legal demands requiring metrics for crisis management purposes.


• A seamless continuation of therapies and additional support after you leave treatment in your environment, to provide additional support as you face your day-to-day life free of substances and other destructive behaviors.



Private, counseling, personalized with an array of alternatives of treating the whole person which include, but are not limited to 12-step support group settings. They include The Four Agreements and The 8th Fold Path teachings.

Designed to assist you and the other members of your treatment team alike. We mediate and navigate your next steps after rehab, to ensure greater success of your recovery goals. The team includes you, your therapists, our recovery coaches, families and other important people in our life. Together, we draft a realistic relapse prevention plan. It includes setting sober goals, mindfulness cheat sheets, and other lifestyle adjustments to ensure you have the best chance possible of maintaining your newfound freedom.





Pairing a sober companion with a newly-recovering individual can make all the difference between recovery and relapse. Housewives, executives, policemen, students, showbiz, sports, medical, and legal professionals benefit from our sober companions. They are trained experts who accompany you to work, functions, home and other places where around the clock, on-site counseling is necessary for you to sustain your sober goals. Companions safely transport you from one location to another, traveling anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.



As a family member, friend, or business associate, you are given the same 24/7 non-judgemental care provided our clients, upon their consent of your involvement in their aftercare treatment plan. We offer an empathetic and trained professional who understands and educates you on how to support and live with the newly sober person in your life, while giving you tools for looking after yourselves as well.



We incorporate a broad set of approaches to achieve the highest possible results among our clients for a multi-faceted, medically sound and safe detoxification process.



All addictions are created equal in our eyes. We work closely with both the family network and the individual in pain - to remove the blame, shame, and guilt that often surrounds addiction. We are uniquely qualified to break down the emotional barriers to taking action and getting help. We interface with treatment centers all over the world, so you can be certain you or your loved one’s individual needs, such as financial criteria, will be matched with the perfect facility for personalized care.

The Parallax Solution Is Unparalleled Compassion & Experience


• We are not corporate owned.

• Numbers are not our bottom line.

• We are all inclusive.


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