• We meet at YOUR convenience.
  • Clients have complete privacy and anonymity.
  • No waiting rooms, couches, clocks or beards!
  • The faster we learn about your needs, the faster we can create realistic solutions. A SOLUTION is mixing elements to get a desired result, period.
  • You will learn to manage your crisis without fear or destructive impulses and create healthy, realistic coping skills for you, your family, and work.
  • Our team offers 24/7 Emergency availability with full continuum of recovery coaching, case and crisis management.

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"Time Heals All
Treated Wounds"

Dr. Stephen H. Cohen

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The Parallax Solution is here for you & your family. Our clinical and coaching support will show you how to retake control of your life, comfortably and quickly.

Receiving expert-level clinical care in a comfortable realistic, yet SAFE setting is not offered anywhere else at this level.  Dr. Cohen is certified as a California State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor IV (CADAC IV) and New York State Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counselor. His work with the United States Navy has continued to help those in the Armed Forces with their struggles. He also holds a Master of Education degree from Manhattanville College and is one of the few recovery coaches to hold a doctorate in Psychology.

Recovery Coaching

Pairing a sober companion with a newly-recovering individual can make all the difference between recovery and relapse.

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We work closely with both the family network and the individual in pain.

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Concierge Aftercare

Create the perfect plan for long term recovery. Set a schedule that complements work, life balance, or travel agendas.

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Court Ordered

We work closely with attorneys, courts, and judges who know the level of clinical care for our distinguished aftercare treatment team provides.

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Hotel / Home Detox

The team includes you, your therapists, our recovery coaches, families and other important people in our life.

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About us

“I will tell you, it’s my personal history that brought me to this field after getting sober a decade ago.”

About The Parallax Solution

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide real help for you and your family through crisis. Our team helps you create a thriving life and family outside of treatment centers.

Personal, professional, and family experiences lead to the sum of The Parallax Solution. It is an internal and external shift of how to deal with – or PARALLAX – in thoughts, actions, and results for the way we live life.

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