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Lowering the number of distractions, poor decisions and chaos.

Dr. Stephen H. Cohen


Founder of The Parallax Solution

Quietly and aggressively changing self esteem and behaviors for your best.

Stephen’s personal history led him into the field of recovery. As a survivor of alcoholism with the desire to be of service to others, there was no greater calling for him than to become a recovery coach. He left his successful position on Wall Street to help others who are not able to help themselves – just like Stephen experienced.

Providing guidance and tools, our clients build life skills and realistic mindsets. Parallax creates a safe space for you to see that you are a good person despite past behaviors which brought you negative consequences and hurt others.

Dr. Cohen is a  PhD level recovery coach specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). His experiential approach includes a collaboration outside of the traditional office setting and involves facing the daily challenges outside of a therapeutic bubble.  Real Issues, Real Time. He helps the client change their thinking and behavior simultaneously. Being engaged in the client’s life, whether that is a traveling career, office, movie set, or dental chair. This allows the team to deal with the issue immediately and “not have to wait for next week’s 45-minute session”.

(Since we cannot predict when an Event Horizon or triggers occur, Dr. Cohen offers 24/7 emergency availability with full continuum of recovery coaching as well as case and crisis management.) Removing the office setting allows for Client freedom; to express freely whether outdoors, at parks, restaurants, beaches, and even golf courses. The concierge aftercare approach creates freedom and security without an unrealistic bubble environment.

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Unparalleled Compassion & Experience

No fancy words…

We are not corporate-owned.
Numbers are not our bottom line.
We are medical, clinical, nursing & sober companions.

Ideal for individuals, families, and professionals interested in creating real changes in their lives or the lives of their loved ones. We shift and redirect a person’s awareness and behavior to produce better self- care, self-esteem, and cement solid boundaries.

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Through Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy skills, our clients establish new outlooks and designs for living.

We customize each client’s plan based on their medical, social, and professional histories to ensure the treatment is right for them. Ours is a multi-disciplined treatment plan for aftercare following rehab. We take principles from the 12-steps, four agreements, and other spiritual programs and design individualized plans that will assist you in all areas of your life.

A seamless continuation of therapies and additional support after you leave treatment in your environment, to provide additional support as you face your day-to-day life free of substances and other destructive behaviors.

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