With us, your attitudes shift, and you’ll find those horrible, addictive behaviors diminish – making more room for a positive & healthy lifestyle.

Each plan is created after we learn a bit of your history, the good and the bad, the successes and the nots. The more we understand about you, the more we have to work with to do our jobs efficiently. We meet YOU where YOU are. We don’t create a box for you to fit in – just the opposite! If you want to change just a little bit, have a small commitment to trust a process with our team, your individual recovery coach and sober companion will help you be the most effective in your short and long term goals.

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Concierge Aftercare


Create the perfect plan for long term recovery. Set a schedule that complements work/life balance or travel agendas.

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Concierge aftercare is an effective way of strengthening one’s recovery. Dr. Cohen and his team of professionals understand the rate of relapse potential is greatest during the first 90 days, and for many, extending into the first year when immersing back into the world with life’s responsibilities. We develop an individualized plan from which to impart valuable recovery tools.


Dr. Cohens’ approach is unique by combining the real-time experiences in everyday activities with the Here and Now in conjunction with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – effective for recovering from Substance Use Disorders as well as other issues to include trauma, eating disorders, gambling, shopping, or other self-defeating behaviors that develop into addiction or dependency.

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Hotel or Home Detox

We incorporate a broad set of approaches to achieve the highest possible results among our clients for a multi-faceted, medically sound and safe detoxification process.

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The team includes: therapist, recovery coach, and sometimes a sober companion. What many coaches forget is to to include your family! Together, we draft a realistic, Forward Action Plan, which will include making a choice between A and B, setting new goals, realistic boundaries, strong cheat sheets, and other lifestyle adjustments to ensure you have the best chance possible of maintaining your newfound freedom.

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We work closely with both you and your family to remove the blame, shame, and guilt that often surrounds addiction or substance use disorder. Regardless of where the client goes, we are there for you even 6 months after the intervention.

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We are uniquely qualified to break down the emotional barriers to taking action and getting help. We can pinpoint the best facilities based on YOUR needs. We don’t work for, nor represent or get paid by them or insurance companies. We interface with treatment centers all over the world, so you can be certain you or your loved one’s personal needs, such as financial criteria, will be matched with the perfect facility of individualized care.

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Recovery Coaching

Pairing a recovery coach with a recovering individual can make all the difference between recovery and relapse.

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Housewives, executives, policemen, students, showbiz, entertainment, sports, medical, and legal professionals benefit from our sober companions. They are trained experts who accompany you to work, functions, home and other places where around the clock, on-site counseling is necessary for you to sustain your sober goals. Companions safely transport you from one location to another, traveling anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.   A sober companion offers a sense of belonging in the world where many who engaged in alcoholic drinking and substance abuse formerly experienced isolation. These are key factors in the sober companionship lending to the sobriety and road to wellness for the client.

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Private Therapy

Private, counseling, personalized with an array of alternatives of treating the whole person which include, but are not limited to 12-step support group settings. They include The Four Agreements and The 8th Fold Path teachings.

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Court Ordered

Are you court-ordered? We work closely with attorneys, courts, and judges who know the level of clinical care for our distinguished aftercare treatment team provides for those who are simultaneously working through DUI’s, drug offenses, and/or the family court systems for substance abuse related cases.

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Alcohol monitoring, illegal substances treatment monitoring, prescription drug and marijuana monitoring, pain-management aftercare, as well as dual-diagnosis reports prepared for custody agreements, licensure issues, business agreements, attorney and other legal demands requiring metrics for crisis management purposes.

Parallax Solutions also works with individuals who have quit on their own or “quit cold turkey,” and want to take a different approach to their plan of getting and staying sober.

The individualized approach to abstinence and recovery coaching can be defined according to the individual’s choice and what will be effective for them, and our team will meet the client where they are. A personal choice to choose a life of abstinence or recovery from various behaviors does not have to fit into a box, so to speak. The commitment and willingness to trust a process with our team, your individual recovery coach, and sober companion are known to yield the most effective results in long-term recovery.

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